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Why Korea?

When I was in high school, I was always different from my friends. I wouldn’t say that I was popular, but I wasn’t unpopular. People all knew that I was a bit weird with all my obsessions and interest towards other countries. When they would make fun of me, I would laugh with them, so they never had any powers over me, and they started to accept me. I even learned that there were a lot of people who were looking up to me, I was influencing them by not hiding who I was. Beginning of high school, I was obsessed with England. I loved everything about it, my favourite band was McFly and I kept telling the people around me that one day I would live there. After came Germany because of Tokio Hotel and my love for the language. Then I started watching dance programs, like SYTYCD and ABDC. All my favourite dancers were asians, and there started my attraction to asians. Don’t get me wrong, I am attracted to all ethnicities, but I have a special spot in my heart for asians. I started wanted to live in California for a bit, when I discovered Quest Crew. Then, someone on Facebook posted a video of BIGBANG and 2NE1’s Lollipop and I was sold. When I told my parents I wanted to live in Korea, my mother told me that it was just another phase and that I would move on soon. Well, 6 years later I still haven’t moved on. I always felt like I was meant for big things, and that I wasn’t meant to stay in a little town in the middle of the woods, where nothing happened and where the population was all white. Again, I don’t have anything against white people, but I needed to discover different cultures, meet new people, learn new things. Curiosity runs in my veins and I’m thirsty for knowledge. Therefore, when I had the chance to fly with my own wings, I packed my bags and moved 9 hours away from my family and friends: Ottawa. I enrolled at UOttawa in a program called Second Language Teaching. With that degree, I would pretty much be able to live anywhere in the world and have a job. It was perfect. University was the best time of my life. I was living with my best friend, although she moved away after two years. I still miss her a lot but I’m proud of where she is. I met my first boyfriend, we were together for three years. I am glad to have met him, we still keep in touch and I am proud of where he is right now. I became part of Kapital K-Dance, a K-pop cover group, and through it I met so many beautiful people I can now call my family. The K-pop community in Ottawa is seriously the best. In the Spring of 2014, I had the chance to be part of an exchange program. Obviously, I went to South Korea where I seriously had a blast. Now that I think about it, it definitely was amazing and it made me want to come back, but now that I am living here, I realize that my four months as an exchange student were not real life. I was living a dream. Now that I’m here again, I see the difference. And that difference is humongous. I was happy in Ottawa, truly happy. I didn’t need anything else more than what I had. For now, I have to go back home. I know that I still have many great opportunities waiting for me in Ottawa. I have my friends there, and they mean everything to me. I have applied to go back to university to become a certified teacher (because my degree only lets me teach abroad, not in Canada). Maybe one day I will come back to Korea, but I know that right now, what I need is to be in Ottawa.


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