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You were the Charmander to my Squirtle

One of the first things we talked about when we started seeing each other, was which starter pokemon was the best. I chose Squirtle (because obvious reasons) and you chose Charmander. I know it’s stupid and childish to compare us to pokemons, but it makes sense to me. You are just like a Charmander: you… Continue reading You were the Charmander to my Squirtle

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Vlog | Myeongdong & Namsan Tower

My mother came to visit for the holidays, and I took her to Seoul one weekend. This is a short video I made of when we went to Myeongdong and to the Namsan Tower. Myeongdong was packed with people, so I couldn’t record much there. We did some shopping, then headed up the with the cable car to the tower where we had an amazing view of Seoul. You can’t see much of the city because of pollution though. Please enjoy this short video~



I’ve always been a person that struggled with expressing herself, and who struggled with dealing with emotions. Growing up with a father with depression, I think I’ve grown to see emotions as a weakness, so I’ve always bottled up my feelings. In the summer of 2015, I was under a lot of stress and emotional… Continue reading Scars.