Life in Korea

First snow

January 13, 2016: First snow of winter in Korea.

I woke up this morning to cold weather. It was around -2 degrees outside, the sky was its usual yellowish colour, and it looked like a normal end-of-autumn day. I got ready and headed out to my favourite coffee shop, Latte King, which is right next to my school. I ordered a Tiramisu latte and sat down to write. At 12:55 I packed my things and went to the office to plan today’s lessons. I start work at 1pm, but I don’t teach before 2:50. The teacher’s office is very cramped, and my desk has no view of the windows, so I never paid attention to what was happening outside. At 2:45 I headed to the 6th floor to my first class. I greeted my students, got many hugs like I always get. Once my students finally let me go, I was able to put my basket of teaching materials on the shelf in front to the window, and to my surprise, it was all white. Literally all white. I could barely see the buildings across the street because the snowflakes were so big and they were coming from every directions. It was beautiful, I had to stop my class and admire the snow with my adorable students. Being from Canada, I’m used to seeing a lot of snow at this time of year. I never really liked snow, I mean Christmas always needs snow in my opinion, and I do think it’s beautiful at a certain extent, but wet boots and cold weather were never something I enjoyed. But, spending winter in Korea has really made me miss the prettiness of a white blanket in the streets. This long and never-ending fall has made me tired and feeling depressed, and I have been waiting for snow for a long time. Today, it finally came. I feel like a child again.


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