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I will not miss



I will not miss the pollution. Most days, you can’t even see the sky because of the yellow dust. Everything is this greyish yellow, and the horizon is invisible. On rare occasions, the sky clears up to reveal the sun and its blueness behind the white clouds. It really can be beautiful, but when more than 70% of the time the sky is hidden by nasty pollution, it really affects someone’s mood and respiratory system. The streets are always clean, except for all the cigarettes and the spit on the ground. There are a lot of Koreans that smoke, and they do so everywhere. They smoke in staircases of buildings, in clubs, in some coffee shops. I often come home smelling like cigarette smoke, even though I don’t smoke myself, or hang around people who do. There is already a lot of pollution, and they add to it by smoking. I will not miss the air pollution at daytime, nor the light pollution at nighttime. The stars and the moon always brought me comfort and happiness, but here, they are impossible to see. I haven’t seen a single star since I landed here at the end of August.


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