33 Days

33 more days until I am home. One more month. I am making a list of things I have to do before I leave, places I have to visit. I’m going to try to enjoy the last month I have in this country to make sure I don’t regret anything. The only thing I know I will regret is not traveling to Vietnam. I chose to buy myself things instead of travelling, leaving me with not enough money or time. Of course, I know I will have the chance to come to Asia again, because when I want something, I am able to make it happen. This month will be a good month. I am feeling better because I can finally see the day I am able to reunite with my friends and loved ones, so I’m in a better mood. Also since New Years, I haven’t contacted him or stalked him online. Having him out of my head has kind of helped make me feel better.


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