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I have a cold

Am I the only one who, when sick, annoys the crap out of everyone? I don’t know what happens whenever I catch a cold or anything like that, I just can’t stop speaking. I remember going through high school and annoying the crap out of my mother whenever I fell ill. I apparently need a lot of attention, something I usually don’t like. I just become extremely whiny, and I stick to people. I remember following her around the house like a dog. I also remember how crazy and silly I became whenever I went to my ex’s house because I was allergic to his cat. And right now, I have a cold. I live alone, so I don’t have anyone to annoy. Somehow, I ended up annoying myself. I have to tell myself to shut up because I’m so freaking whiny. Although it’s annoying, I find it kind of hilarious. I wonder if it’s the same for everyone else.


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