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I will miss


KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-02-05-12-22-39I will miss the coffee chain: Latte King. First of all, their coffee shops are cozy and very industrial looking. They’re usually small, with just enough natural light coming in. On the wall, on the cups, on the tables, everywhere are drawings of cats. It’s perfect. There is a wall full of empty paper cups with different designs on them, and every single one of them is adorable. Coffee usually comes in a white cup with the cupholder around it like in my picture, but if you want, you can ask to have your drink served in one of the design cups. Their coffee is also really good, and their prices are affordable compared to many other Korean coffee shops. This summer, I fell in love with their Caramel Macchiato Ice Crush but now that the weather has gotten colder, I’ve been enjoying their Tiramisu Latte, or when I have a cold, their Yujacha which is a honey citrus tea concoction. The Latte King I usually go to is right next to my Hagwon, so it has become the go-to coffee stop for most of the foreign teachers. The lady working at the counter is used to seeing us and she is the nicest girl ever. She gives us larger sizes for the regular price, and she helps us with Korean and tries her best to speak English to us when we don’t quite understand something. She’s extremely kind and adorable, and I will miss going there every morning and seeing her warm smile, drinking delicious and sweet coffee while drawing or working on my blog.


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