Messages to him


Just to let you know how much I’ve been hurting, I haven’t been able to watch a movie since I was on the plane. You might say I’m over reacting, but I’ve tried to watch movies by myself, and my heart just hurts and I start crying. Because watching a movie makes me remember all the Tuesdays we spent at the cinema. The first time you held my hand, when you hid my eyes in Kingsman when the guy was about to shoot the pug, when I cried at least 5 times during Inside Out. All the times I fell asleep watching a movie and you’d make fun of me. Making out to the sound of zombies killing people and laughing about it because it wasn’t stopping us. Trying to watch Spirited Away for the third time the night before I left for Cuba, and you couldn’t keep your hands off me. We watched so many movies cuddled up together on each other’s beds. Some were good, some were awful, and some really blew our minds. We both are movie addicts and we were able to share these moments together and I am thankful. All the movies we had promised to watch together when I’d come back from Korea.. I miss you. I miss us.


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