Messages to him

The absence of you

Even though I have put away every pieces of clothing of yours, the pictures I have of us and everything that you gave me, I still think about you every second of the day. Everything reminds me of you. Because no matter what I do, I wish I could share it with you. From walking in the middle of the crowd in Seoul, to teaching tiny humans, to playing League of Legends in my room or even washing the dishes. I wish I could take you around the city, teach you some Korean words. I imagine you stuffing your face like a chipmunk of delicious food. I would love to take you to one of the big CGV cinemas so you can experience movies in 4D. I can’t drink a smoothie without thinking of the times you made me smoothies and I would just steal the fruits and eat them next to you. Everything I do, makes me miss you. I wish you were by my side through everything, just like I want to be by your side to support your through every steps of your life. Even though I put all your things away, I still have them close by. I am terrified of the day I have to give everything back, as well as take my heart back from you. This day is coming soon, but the selfish part of me wishes that day would never come..


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