Messages to him

She wasn’t good enough

You always complain about how no one likes you. No one cares about you and your problems. That everyone is faking their friendship with you. You had someone who would have given up the world for you because of how much she cared. You had someone with whom you were safe, because she saw nothing else but you. She cared about you and about making you happy and about listening to you and trying to help you whenever she could. You had someone who gave everything she had to you, and felt happy about doing so. You had someone who loved you for who you are, all your flaws, not for who you might become in the future. She didn’t try to change you, she wanted to grow by your side. You had someone who was extremely proud of all of your achievements, no matter how small. You had it all in her, you had it right there next to you, but she wasn’t good enough.


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