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Saying goodbye to my children

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Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my Tuesday/Thursday classes. First I went to my phonics class, which started after Christmas. I didn’t have time to get too close to them, so saying goodbye wasn’t hard. After that, I went to my pre-school class. The Korean teacher before me had just told them that I was going back to Canada, and that this was my last class. When the girls saw me they immediately ran to me to hug me. They didn’t want to let go, and kept saying “teacher gajimaaa”. When the class ended and I sent them to the bus line, they each all gave me big hugs. It was adorable! My next class was my favourite class: my turtles. I got really close to them during our 6 months together, mostly because I had to do make up classes with two of the boys, and because one of the girls was just so fun to talk to. We always had a great time in class. They are my only class that I teach 80 minutes instead of 40. For the first half of the class, we had our lesson, then during the break we hung out watching my dance covers and laughing. Then the second half we played games. When the time came to leave the classroom to the Korean teacher, I made sure to look at each student to take a mental picture of everyone. I couldn’t say goodbye, I couldn’t even say a word. I grabbed my basket and the whole class became quiet. I could only wave my hand goodbye. Once I was out the door I let it all out, I started crying. My students noticed that I had started crying, but they couldn’t come to me because they had another class. I tried my best to compose myself and wipe my tears and headed to my last class, my oldest students. I was trying really hard not to burst out in tears during that lesson because I missed my turtles. We finished and took a picture together, and I went to eat dinner with everyone else. Before I left work, one of the directors came to me to thank me for my hard work, saying all the good comments she received from parents, teachers, and herself. She knows I became really close to my students and that they will miss me, but also that I will miss them. When I got home, I opened my Kakaotalk to find that my girls from turtle class had sent me a recording of their voices telling me not to cry and that they will miss me. I for sure will. This morning, I had the adorable surprise of finding a comment from them on one of my covers. Ahh I can’t even write this without tearing up. Today I have to say goodbye to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes, as well as my everyday class. Expect another heartfelt post tomorrow..


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