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I’ve been away from this blog since I came back to Canada, but I want to start writing again soon. Little update: I’ve had a rough time being back. I met with the love of my life, the one who broke my heart. Although our talk went well, it only went downhill from there. I’ll soon write about it, take it all out. I’ve sadly relapsed hard.. On the positive side, I am visiting my family for a couple weeks, and I have been accepted to complete my teacher’s degree. I still have a lot of decisions to take for my future. Do I want to go back to Ottawa? Do I want to keep dancing? Can I handle seeing him around? Will I ever get better? I’m so lost.


18 thoughts on “Update

    1. Thank you, it’s great to have support. I know I should have already moved on because it’s been 6 months, but I can’t. It feels so impossible for me to get better, but I try. Thank you ❤

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  1. Breakups are insanely painful. 😦 I’m going through a horrible time right now with one myself. Some days I think it’s gonna be okay, other days I wonder if I will ever stop being sad…


    1. It’s so hard to see the light at the end of this painful tunnel. I’m sorry you’re going through a breakup too. It’s literally the worst thing. I’m here for you if you ever want to talk

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    1. I do. We met a week ago, and we decided to be friends. We’re in the same dance community, so we’ll see each other often. But I was honest with him, and I told him that I have hope to get close to him again so we can have a second chance. From there, it went to shit. So now I’m thinking of leaving the dance community so I don’t run into him..


      1. He said that’s not what he had in mind, and that every time I message him it just pushes him back, and we got in a fight. I should have just kept my mouth shut


      2. That really IS the story of my life. It happens every single time we talk. So you’d think since every time we talk I end up in hysterical tears, I would STOP talking to him! lol


      3. I feel you! I’m trying really hard not to talk about feelings with him, but i’m still so broken and hurt that it doesn’t work. I wish he could see what is going on in my head, that I don’t want to hurt him. I wish he could understand.


      4. The best advice is the advice I can’t seem to follow. Ignore his existence on the planet. Even on the off chance he contacts YOU. One of two things will happen, it will make him realize that he does want to be with you or the time not talking to him will allow you to heal and move on. Everytime I manage to not talk to him for a while I feel a LOT better…but always cave when something comes out of no where and reminds me of him. A song, or place or something stupid like that.


      5. That is the best advice, I agree. Everyone tells me to erase him, but everything reminds me of him. Everything. I can’t even watch movies. The longest i’ve been without talking/looking him up was a month. It was easier because I was in Korea, but it didn’t make me feel better. Now I’m back in the same community, and it’s basically impossible to erase him. I hate that I love him so much.


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