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One good day

I usually use this blog to get out all the negative in my life, but I think it’s important to talk about the positive days too. Today was not bad. I woke up feeling sad, but forced myself to shower and get ready. Once I was all done, I felt a bit better. I decided to go on a selfie spree since I had nothing to do, and I knew it would make me feel better. Call me superficial, but whatever, it worked. Then my roommate and I went to Ikea which helped brighten up my mood even more, since talking to him is so easy and relaxing. I love to hear him talk about boy drama, and seeing him happy over meeting other people. He also went through a tough breakup recently, so seeing him happy and flustered makes me happy as well. Then we came home, and played League of Legends. It was hilarious because it was the first time he played against real players, and I was trying to teach him some tips, being a beginner myself. Laughter was the perfect ending to this day. I didn’t cut. Today was nice, I haven’t had a nice day in a long time.meh.jpg


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