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I’m starting to get comfortable

datingI don’t like the feeling of being comfortable with someone anymore. It terrifies me. I met this guy, and we both agreed we wouldn’t involve feelings into our relationship. Keep it physical only. But it’s been almost two months, and I’m starting to get very comfortable with him, I’m starting to like the feeling of having someone to cuddle to and talk to. Someone to watch TV shows with in the comfort of a blanket. Someone to talk to everyday. I do not love him, and I don’t see him as dating material; he’s younger (why do I always go for younger -_-), he’s always out while I’m always in, and I don’t know he’s just not fit for me. But I’m getting comfortable, and I’m liking the fact that I have someone in my life. He’s also starting to say cheesy stuff, and he knows it’s my weakness to falling for someone. He knows I am not ready for a relationship, and that he’s not allowed, but recently I’ve noticed he’s been cuter than usual, even sleeping over instead of just leaving late. And I’m scared I’m gonna get comfortable and end up with him, even though I know it’s not good. That it’s not him that I like, but the feeling of having someone. I do not know for certain that I can’t love him, hey maybe we’re meant to be. Maybe I’m just scared of being happy again and getting hurt. But I’m also scared that we’re not meant to be, and that it’s just going to be a “comfortable” relationship, and not what we both deserve: real love.


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