A week.

It’s been a week. I want to give up, i want you so bad right now, to hold me and never let go. I had my first nightmare. In it, you were telling me how I wasn’t on your mind, how like 3 girls had already messaged you and wanted to sleep with you. And you were going to. You were so nonchalant about it. You honestly didn’t care anymore. It hurt so much. I don’t think you would be the kind of person to do that and I hold onto that, even though there is a small voice telling me it could happen. This small voice that I want to believe in because of what happened in my past. But a small voice I can’t let it. I push it away. I try so hard to be strong but when things like nightmares hit me I lose the strength. It seems so real and it scares me. It seemed so real. I miss you so bad! I want to work it out, I know what I have to do differently. Come back, I’ll show you. Come back to me. I can’t do this, missing you is too hard. We’ve been broken up for a week and it’s too hard! Missing you is not something I know how to do, loving you is. Come back please. It’s too fucking hard. It’s impossible. I’m not okay. I’m broken in a thousand pieces. I can’t do this. Come back so I can fix myself.


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