I'm Here


Is it any easier for you? Do you find that I’m slowly fading away from your thoughts, that you don’t miss me as much. When you’re out having fun, you don’t wish I was there. You don’t think of places to discover with me, no adventures to go on. That, yes I brought you a lot of stress, but if you don’t take that into consideration, you’re happier without me? Is it easier now that it’s been a week? It hasn’t been for me. At all. Yes, I’m not getting as many panic attacks and dark thoughts because I’m working hard on myself to eliminate that stresss, but it’s not any easier. I still cry everyday, it still kills me every morning to remember that we’re not together. You’re still all I think about, all I want. The person I want to share exciting stuff with, it’s still you. The person I want to share my progress with, the one I want to share little things that have meaning for me, it’s still you. The one I want to share new steps of life with, it’s always you. You’re all I think about when I go to bed. Not being able to tell you goodnight kills me. I can’t stop missing you. I miss you more and more everyday.


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