I'm Here

Oh take me back to the start

In my previous break ups, I always wanted to go back to the the beginning, to go back to a time when there were no problems, and everything was perfect. To that honeymoon phase. But with this break up, I realized that I don’t want to. I dont want to go back, I want to continue and grow from our issues. I think it’s because with the other relationships, I knew deep down that it couldn’t be fixed. I just wanted to do it in an unhealthy way and go back to the fakeness. But with this break up, it’s different. I know we are learning from our mistakes, and I know that they don’t define us. We can look past these issues, because we care so much for each other. Genuinely. So no Coldplay, don’t “take me back to the start”, because it won’t fix anything. Because mistakes are supposed to happen so that we can learn and build something even stronger. And I know we can.


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