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In the beginning of September, I went back home for my mother’s wedding. I had never been to a wedding before, so I was nervous because I had no idea how it was gonna go. On top of it, I was the maid of honor. When my mum Skyped me a couple weeks before to tell me how things were gonna go down, she told me I had to make a speech. Now if you know me, you know I don’t have the greatest relationship with her boyfriend. They’re been together for around 8 years, but being an only child with a divorced mother, I was very protective and territorial over her. When he came into her life, I was completely against it, and almost tore them apart. Thankfully for her, I moved 9 hours away to go to university. Still to this day, it’s a struggle when I go home, because I barely see my mother in a year so when I’m with her, I take all of her. We both knew I had absolutely nothing to say about the wedding, so she jokingly suggested that I sing, and to her surprise I agreed. She had never heard me sing before. Even when we had a short run through, I turned my back to her and sang as quietly as I could. I was extremely nervous and embarrassed, because she is a great singer! So when the ceremony began, I started chugging alcohol so that I would actually be able to sing in front of an audience, in front of my family and in front of the one person that means the most to me. I did it. Not very proud of it, but I did it, and it was the last time I will do it.

The rest of the week was spent just relaxing with my family and resting. Another thing that was hard was coming home to an empty house. There has always been an animal living with us, but on August 11th, the last animal of the household, my cat passed away. I was his one and only love, anyone will tell you that. We saved him when he was just a baby, he was a wild cat. Growing up, he was terrified of anything and anyone, he would only come out from his hiding spot at night, to come find me in my room. I was literally the only person that could approach him, until I left home, when he had to come out to my mother to receive any cuddles. His death, just a year after my other cat really hit me hard, especially since now I had no one to give me kisses and cuddles 24/7.

I decided to make a short vlog, mostly because my roommate has been curious about my hometown. He really wants to one day come and visit with me, to learn about where I come from. So it made me think that a lot of people around me don’t understand just how much of a small town girl I am. I come from a town of 2000 people in the middle of the forest, with the closest other town an hour away. 99.9% of the population is white and french, close-minded and everyone knows each other. Even though I am glad that I am out of that town, and I am proud that I am not at all like most people living there, I still miss being home with my family, and it always heals me when I get to spend a couple days there. So feel free to watch it to learn more about this countryside-born girl meant for the city!

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Vlog | Bukchon Hanok Village

One of the places I always wanted to visit was the Bukchon Hanok village in Seoul. When I lived here back in 2014, I never got the chance to visit it, so this year I thought I would bring my mom along for a day of walking in the freezing but beautiful scenery. I didn’t film much because my fingers were killing me and I forgot to bring gloves, but this is what I captured. It’s a short video, and to be honest it doesn’t do justice to the beauty of these ancient style houses. If you are ever in Seoul, I suggest stopping by. It’s right off of Anguk Station and it’s really easy to find. It’s a regular neighbourhood where people live, so there is no fee to enter. It was pretty quiet when we were there, and I didn’t hesitate going into small alleys to try and find the best views and secrets of the area. We spent a full afternoon walking around, and it was completely worth it. I wish it had been warmer because it would definitely be a hot spot to take pictures.

Life in Korea · Vlog

Vlog | Myeongdong & Namsan Tower

My mother came to visit for the holidays, and I took her to Seoul one weekend. This is a short video I made of when we went to Myeongdong and to the Namsan Tower. Myeongdong was packed with people, so I couldn’t record much there. We did some shopping, then headed up the with the cable car to the tower where we had an amazing view of Seoul. You can’t see much of the city because of pollution though. Please enjoy this short video~