I keep having nightmares every time I close my eyes. I haven’t had a proper night of sleep since Wednesday, my eyebags are huge and dark. I keep waking up so many times, scared, emtpy, defeated, crying. Little nightmares of anything unrelated to what happened. Big nightmares of everything that happened. It’s always the worst… Continue reading



I’ve tried so hard to be happy here. I’ve been in Ottawa for almost 7 full years now, and it still doesn’t feel like home. I’ve moved every single year; I haven’t had a permanent home, the only one being 9 hours away in New-Brunswick. I’ve had so many different roommates; often strangers, but the… Continue reading Home?


Everything hurts. My body hurts, i can barely move. Im so weak. I cant. I cant do anything right. Im terrified. Im so scared. I cant sleep. Its just in and out. Falling asleep crying. Waking up crying. Nightmares. Questions. So many questions. Help me